Community shop


Claverdon Community Shop, opened in October 2007 on a wing and a prayer, has become a valuable focus for village life as well as a successful operation. It is run by volunteers, and could not exist without them. Village shops are closing all over the country - over 400 a year - but resourceful and energetic communities have put time and money into their own ventures and there are now around 260 community-owned shops in the UK.


Initially the shop was housed in a hired portacabin (right), but the permanent 98,000 replacement, with twice the space and much-improved facilities was opened on 16 July 2010. Fund-raising events, donations, purchased bricks, and help from the Parish Council paid for it all. It's a remarkable achievement. 


  Opening of the new shop building by Digby, Lord Jones of Birmingham

shop second opening


We sell locally-produced eggs, bread, milk and, as well as newspapers of course - together with a wide range of convenience goods, including beer and wine, responding to local demand.


Come and see! You'll be impressed. BUT we always need more volunteers, otherwise we will struggle. It's fun! It's easy! You'll love it, and if you are new to the village there's no better way to meet people. Just a couple of hours or so a week will help.


Contact our Volunteers organiser Val or just pop into the shop and chat about it all.  We'll be delighted to see you!

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