Baptisms (Christenings)

Wanting your child to be baptised?

We would love to be part of your family celebration! 

Baptism is just about the most important thing which happens in our churches, because in this simple service we welcome new members into our Christian community. If you don’t feel quite ready for that yet, you can opt for a little ceremony called ‘thanksgiving for the birth of a child’.

In preparation for baptism, you will receive visits from one of the clergy and from a layperson with links to our young families’ programme. We expect the baptism to mark the beginning of a fruitful and enjoyable association between our church family and your own.

To arrange a baptism, contact the Vicarage on 01564 793844.

You can find out more about baptism, and thanksgiving for the birth of a child, here.

adult baptism



Adults get baptised too! Have a word with Terry on 01564 793844.